Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer’s Efforts to Advance Industry Standards

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, also known by his nickname “Duda,” is a Brazilian media CEO. His family business RBS Group is among the fastest growing companies of its type in Brazil. e.Bricks Digital is a newer facet of the business that houses digital media campaigns and provides funding for startups. Although somewhat nontraditional, these companies are established and hand-picked by e.Bricks based on their financial performance and other criteria demonstrating their chance of prosperity online. Brazil is a relative newcomer to the online game and the opportunity e.Bricks Digital provides will help them gain ground quickly as Duda hopes. The company also provides funding for traditional startups, at a much lower percentage, should they be able to show an exceptional chance at success online.

According to Dino, Duda Melzer’s background has prepared him well to be a leader in all types of media. He graduated with an MBA from Harvard University after finishing his bachelor’s degree in Brazil. Post college, he worked as a financial analyst and in leadership at a media company in New York City. BoxTop Media was a leader in “unconventional” media. He also maintained a connection between the US and Brazil facilitating his companies advancement into a global market. After serving for many years as the vice president of RBS Group, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer was finally named CEO. His restructuring of many aspects of the company was integral in positioning the company for additional growth opportunities.

Duda Melzer’s accomplishments have been celebrated many times over the years. He’s earned several “top entrepreneur” awards from prominent organizations such as Ernst & Young and the Cambridge Institute for Family Enterprise. His ethical standards that exceed the industry norm have also been recognized. Meeting voluntarily with a group that self-governs ethics, he provides advising along with his colleagues on industry concerns. Duda’s leadership is not only restricted to his business, he assists others as well with his superior skills.

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A Look At The Leading Human Rights Advocacy Groups

Many governments, institutions, and individuals continue to disregard civil, human, and migrant rights.

This way, many people around the world are living in deplorable conditions, getting injured, and some even losing their lives. The need to end this menace has resulted in the creation of many organizations that advocate for human rights across the globe. These advocacy groups are located in different regions.

Each organization focuses on specific areas. Since majority of the organizations do not have their own source of revenues, they rely on donors like The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund. Today, many organizations are championing the rights of different underprivileged individuals.

Amnesty International is known for conducting research and generating actions aimed at preventing and ending the abuse of human rights. It also demands justice for individuals whose rights have been violated by governments, institutions, or individuals. The organizations works in more democratic and open countries.

The company seeks to apply pressure to create changes by influencing public opinions. The group is supported by three million people around the globe. These supporters are spread across at least 150 countries. Amnesty International is funded by fees and donations made by its members. It also receives grants from the European Commission, the UK Department for International Development, the US State Department, and other governments.

Global Rights is another globally recognized human rights advocacy group. The organization works towards promoting and protecting the rights of marginalized communities. It achieves this objective through capacity building.

The non-governmental organization works alongside local activists in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. It provides technical assistance and training to the activists to allow them to document and expose human rights violations. Global Rights pushes for legal and policy reforms as a way of promoting human rights. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund

Human Right Watch is a strong believer in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It focuses on opposing any act that it considers to be against the universal declarations.

Some of the key issues that the group fights against are capital punishment, freedom of religion, sexual orientation-based discrimination, and freedom of the press. The organization has active presence in Americas, Asia, Europe, Africa, Middle East, and the US. The company is funded by donors. Open Society Foundation is one of the group’s major donors with an average donation of $10 million annually.

About Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin founded the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund to migrant rights organizations in Arizona. The group funds these organizations using the settlement money that resulted from the arrest of the duo, who are also co-founders of Phoenix New Times, by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

The duo was awarded $3.75 million. This money will be used to support the groups that advocate for civil, human, and migrant rights. Mike Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund is headquartered in Phoenix.

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No Poo Shampoo

Traditional shampoo and conditioner puts our hair into an vicious cycle. First, we are told that we need the harsh sulfates in shampoo to clean our hair. Instead, these sulfates only strip our hair of it’s natural oils. In order for our hair not to feel like straw, we are told to use conditioner. Conditioner only coats our hair in silicon that gives us the illusion of shine, but this “shine” is just coming from plastic. The only way to remove the silicon from our hair is with sulfates, and so the cycle repeats itself. This makes our hair feel “clean” but it definitely does not make it happy.

In order to escape this cycle, an alternative way to wash your hair is with the “no-poo” method. Chaz Dean, creator of WEN cleansing conditioner, has harnessed this method into a healthy, one step solution to actually get your hair clean and happy. WEN cleansing conditioner is a 5 in 1 product that replaces shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. With it’s blend of herbs, oils, and extracts, WEN Hair cleans your hair while maintaining it’s natural oils, promoting truly healthy hair. 100% of users with a variety of hair types said their hair was more moisturized, 97% said there was more shine, and 95% said their hair was more manageable.

The philosophy of Chaz Dean is that beautiful hair should come without sacrificing your hair’s health, and his cleansing conditioner does just that.

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A lawsuit was filed against New Hampshire Insurance Company by the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the former leaders of the NBA franchise. The lawsuit involved the defying of the contract that included the settlement of the claims that Danny Ferry-the general manager made.

Tony Ressler-the principal owner of Hawks ownerships is not involved in the lawsuit. According to, an undisclosed buyout agreement was made on June 22, 2015, by Ferry and Hawks ownership which was supposed to end with a six-year contract worth $18 million in 2012 but the approval of the auction of the franchise to Ressler came two days later.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce was born in Washington to a Jewish family and grew up in Chevy Chase. He attended a college at Washington University in St Louis and graduated from America University a law school. Levenson started his career in journalism at Washington Star while he attended law school at night.

Levenson is a prominent businessman from America, formerly the owner of the NBA team and also a philanthropist, Initially, Bruce was a co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC which is currently operating the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Levenson had also initially served as the Governor of Hawk on the Board of Governors in NBA since the year 2004.

Bruce has participated in founding the United Communications Group that is situated in Gaithersburg, Maryland in the year 1977.He was initially the founding board member and is currently on the Board of Directors for an industry media company that is known as TechTarget which mainly deals with IT.