Home Sweet Home For Kim Dao

Kim Dao starts her video with Rachel. It’s her first day back in Australia. She hasn’t really did anything yet. They are on their way to the meet up. They plan on going to the city to get some lunch. Kim Dao’s boyfriend, Eric, is at work but he may be able to have lunch with them. Kim’s family is planning on a dinner for later that night. Kim Dao invites Rachel to join them. She has to figure out where she left one of her bank cards.
Rachel also does Youtube, plus she has a kick starter. Learn more here: https://ideamensch.com/kim-dao/

They arrive at a park to have a picnic. They have a lot of different snacks, including glazed donuts. Kim eats one for breakfast. Kim and Rachel visits a clothing store and does some shopping. They meet up with Eric and they all have lunch together. They stop by H&M and LUSH after lunch. Kim Dao goes back home to play with her dog. They have a nice dinner with family. Kim leaves her boyfriend’s house and heads home. She has to drive herself home in which she has not driven in 6 months. She explains that it’s harder to upload videos in Australia because it takes a long time. She has to figure out a better way. Learn more: https://www.pinterest.com/kimdaoblog

Kim Dao made it home safely. She finds that her dog has once again ripped up tissue on her bed. She plans on uploading one more video before she goes to bed.

View the video here.

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