The chairman and Co-founder of Israeli-American council is Adam Milstein. He is an Israelite who holds a master’s degree in arts. Moreover, he and his wife set up a foundation that donates Hebrew books which contain values of the Jewish people to the communities. This man is involved in real estate management, he is a philanthropist and more to that, a community leader who tries to instill morals and values to the people. Adam Milstein is in partnership with the Pacific Hager company which deals in private and commercial real estate management. Adam Milstein is a member of the National Council, Los Birthright Board and the Jewish Founders Network.



In an interview conducted by IdeaMensch, Milstein Adam said that what made him successful in his career were commitment, passion, consistency, and working extra hard until his goals are achieved. The advice he gave was that for one to succeed they have to go through hardships, a lot of struggles and patience to attain their goals. He also added that his family is the first priority and he spends a lot of time with them. Above that, Adam Milstein mentioned of the software he uses that helps him keep records and the contacts of people he works with.



On the other hand, he pointed out that Mr. Hager David is one of the people behind his success because he is well equipped in the world affairs and economy. Adam Milstein always thinks ahead of others and he is a smart thinker. The most important thing he mentioned was that as an entrepreneur, one should stay away from critics. The people who talk ill of one’s actions are a distraction when one needs to be focused and committed to attain the desired results. For one to know where a certain problem is, the most important thing to do is to know and understand yourself well, try to know where the problem is and look for ways of finding a solution rather than looking for other people to help you solve your problems. In his view, he has always been happy with all what he does. Isn’t this some quality advise for anyone trying to engage in business?



Arthur Becker – Business Visionary and Potential Investor in Real Estate

Inside New York, there are extraordinary spots that any potential financial specialist will concentrate on and Arthur Becker is one of the great business visionaries you can’t overlook. Subsequent to initiating his career journey with technology, later Arthur joined the real estate sector with noteworthy game plans for interest in New York on Sullivan Street.

Arthur has taken possession in the townhomes as a component of shares exchange, and he will utilize the townhomes as his first essential rentals. It is to a great degree to review that any investment property does well within New York, and any medium space in the region will attract investments of bigger projects. It is the same case with Arthur who has been holding the unprecedented properties due to their strategic due to their strategic positions and glory.

The district at Sullivan Street lies inside Soho, and is a region a portion of the City’s potential individuals would anticipate spending their lives in. All the more, the place next to Sullivan Street is an astounding neighborhood, and furthermore a place where dominant part of individuals within the city continue going by. Any individual trying to live within the great neighborhoods in America should ensure they have inquired about what Arthur presents. With that, they will carry out their townhomes research applying modern and correct information.

About augmenting, Arthur may choose to work on his properties with mind that every property has an insurance of growth in business. With his three properties giving him with rent, he has the cash to go on with development. Arthur is profoundly turning into another real estate goliath from the City. In the sector, he is the man to watch. Anybody who looks forward to involve in real estate particularly within New York, will discover the vocation of Arthur Becker intriguing, says perezhilton.com. Before, Arthur served as the chairman and CEO of various companies.

Arthur is a tech investor and proudly possesses three adjacent townhouses along Sullivan Street, Soho after exchanging for his stake within the neighboring condominium development. He has the plan of living in one and lease the other two properties or even sell them.

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