Emergence of “Beyond The Darkness” TV Show

On 19th December 2016, Norman Pattiz, founder and executive chairman of Podcast one, through PRNewswire announced that Podcast One would be airing a new show, Beyond the Darkness. This would be the newest show on Chris Jericho’s, the WWE star, podcast network. The show would feature chats with the world’s most renowned researchers questioning everything you know.

The podcast was expected to be hosted by author and radio host Dave Shrader and fellow radio host and producer Tin Dennis. Episodes would be released every Monday on three avenues: Podcastone.com, the Podcast One App and on iTunes. Chris Jericho was described by Mr. Pattiz as a jewel to Podcast One as he would be the person to deliver the world into paranormal with the introduction of “Beyond the Darkness”. Chris, on the other hand, expressed his delight in a rather unusual way, saying he was shocked and a little creeped out to host the show. Chris also showered the two hosts Dave and Tim as exceptional paranormal broadcasters. He expected “Beyond the Darkness” show to grow in Jericho’s Podcast network.


About Norman Pattiz


He founded and chairs Podcast One and Westwood One, America’s most successful radio network. Westwood One distributed NFL football, NCAA Basketball, Super Bown, CNN radio, Mutual Broadcasting System, CBS News and NBC radio networks. Pattiz was termed as “key to money making media” in a four-page feature in the May 2016 Forbes Magazine. He boasts to be America’s largest distributor of news, entertainment, sports and traffic. Mr. Norman Pattiz created and initialized Courtsid Entertainment Group and the Podcast One sales group.


Throughout the years, Pattiz has moved from one achievement to another. In 2000, he was appointed by the then president, Clinton, to serve in the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which was in charge of all non-military broadcasting. Two years later, he was reappointed by President George Bush. Patttiz has also served as a Regent in the University of California. He was also the chairman of Lawrence Livermore and Los Almas National Security. In 2009, he was induced into the National Radio Hall of fame and received the award for Giants of Broadcasting. In 2010, Norman founded the Courtside Entertainment Group to distribute quality programming to America.

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