Everything You Need To Know About Trabuco

Trabuco is a war machine used by soldiers in the medieval era to crush masonry walls and fire projectiles over them. The machine works using principles similar to those of catapults. Trabuco is sometimes referred to as balancing Trabuco so as to distinguish it from other weapons of similar design and purpose. In regions such as Brazil, France and Portugal, the name Trabuco is sometimes used to refer to ancient shotguns and revolvers.

The History of Trabuco

The history of Trabuco dates back to 400 DC when the Chinese used to launch attacks among themselves. The machine later became popular in Europe between 500 and 600 DC. It became a dominant tool in wars for many years until gunpowder emerged. It was very popular among the Mongols, an indigenous group that lived in China between 1000 and 1300. The Mongols used to attack their neighbors Fancheng and Xiangyang by hurling heavy and hot stones at them using the Trabuco at http://veja.abril.com.br/blog/sobre-palavras/trabuco-da-astucia-ao-chumbo-grosso/.

The Trabuco was later introduced in the Middle East and Europe by the Byzantine Empire and the Persian engineers. It was first tried in Europe by the empires located in Northern Germany. Its popularity later spread to France, England, Italy and Portugal.

How Trabuco Works

The Trabuco operates just like a sling. It converts the gravitational potential energy into kinetic energy, which then provides the driving force to the projectiles. However, not all potential energy change to kinetic energy. Some are lost through friction and dissipate in form of sound and heat. Since the machine is huge, it requires between 15 and 45 men to handle. The men are divided into pairs, who then control the ropes used to give the machine its traction. The size of the Trabuco on dicio.com.br determines its potential power. The larger the size, the stronger the velocity of the projectile.

Types of Trabuco War Machines

Trabuco war machines come in two forms. There is the tensile Trabuco and the hybrid Trabuco. The tensile Trabuco is entirely operated by humans, meaning the short ends are moved by people who pull them in synchrony. The tensile Trabuco can hurl stones weighing up to 140 pounds at a distance of 80 meters. It is capable of delivering up to four shots every 60 seconds. The hybrid Trabuco, on the other hand, can hurl stones weighing up to 400 pounds at a distance of 300 meters. There were used in the Middle East by Arab merchants to fight Egyptian soldiers.

Building a Trabuco Today

Though these machines are no longer used in war, you can still build them for other activities at a cheaper cost at wikipedia.org. Many people nowadays use them for activities such a throwing grapes, paper balls or foam balls.

When building a Trabuco, you need to determine whether you will use it for indoor or outdoor activities. If you plan to use it indoors, it is good you make a small one. You can make one with a base of 40 cm and a swinging arm of 50 cm. It is best you use wood when building your Trabuco to lower the cost. The counterweight should be 120 to 140 times heavier than the projectile.

You should contact someone who has experience building Trabucos to help you come up with something good.

How to Use a Trabuco

When using a Trabuco, you have to place one end of the string on the hook before mounting the projectile. Once you do this, use a counterweight to balance the system according to dicionarioinformal.com.br. Hold the balance on the Trabuco and release the counterweight. The sudden acceleration will make the projectile to rotate back into the sling. This will cause one of the tips of the sling to slide through the hook and power the projectile forward.