No Poo Shampoo

Traditional shampoo and conditioner puts our hair into an vicious cycle. First, we are told that we need the harsh sulfates in shampoo to clean our hair. Instead, these sulfates only strip our hair of it’s natural oils. In order for our hair not to feel like straw, we are told to use conditioner. Conditioner only coats our hair in silicon that gives us the illusion of shine, but this “shine” is just coming from plastic. The only way to remove the silicon from our hair is with sulfates, and so the cycle repeats itself. This makes our hair feel “clean” but it definitely does not make it happy.

In order to escape this cycle, an alternative way to wash your hair is with the “no-poo” method. Chaz Dean, creator of WEN cleansing conditioner, has harnessed this method into a healthy, one step solution to actually get your hair clean and happy. WEN cleansing conditioner is a 5 in 1 product that replaces shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, detangler, and leave-in conditioner. With it’s blend of herbs, oils, and extracts, WEN Hair cleans your hair while maintaining it’s natural oils, promoting truly healthy hair. 100% of users with a variety of hair types said their hair was more moisturized, 97% said there was more shine, and 95% said their hair was more manageable.

The philosophy of Chaz Dean is that beautiful hair should come without sacrificing your hair’s health, and his cleansing conditioner does just that.

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A lawsuit was filed against New Hampshire Insurance Company by the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and the former leaders of the NBA franchise. The lawsuit involved the defying of the contract that included the settlement of the claims that Danny Ferry-the general manager made.

Tony Ressler-the principal owner of Hawks ownerships is not involved in the lawsuit. According to, an undisclosed buyout agreement was made on June 22, 2015, by Ferry and Hawks ownership which was supposed to end with a six-year contract worth $18 million in 2012 but the approval of the auction of the franchise to Ressler came two days later.

About Bruce Levenson

Bruce was born in Washington to a Jewish family and grew up in Chevy Chase. He attended a college at Washington University in St Louis and graduated from America University a law school. Levenson started his career in journalism at Washington Star while he attended law school at night.

Levenson is a prominent businessman from America, formerly the owner of the NBA team and also a philanthropist, Initially, Bruce was a co-owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC which is currently operating the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. Levenson had also initially served as the Governor of Hawk on the Board of Governors in NBA since the year 2004.

Bruce has participated in founding the United Communications Group that is situated in Gaithersburg, Maryland in the year 1977.He was initially the founding board member and is currently on the Board of Directors for an industry media company that is known as TechTarget which mainly deals with IT.

Get Reliable Inmate Calling Features Through Leading Provider

Securus Technologies is a integrated highly active inmate communication provider that provides low cost inmate services and telecommunications. They started as a leading inmate communications regulations provider that was responsible for a high level of monitoring and surveillance. Their top priority is ensuring the safety of the general public. Securus doesn’t believe that crime prevention stops with incarceration, but should involve every aspect of the law with or without inmates. Securus customers are taking part in this initiative to prevent crimes with their advanced technology. Their customers solved a crime that stopped a corrupt staff member in their tracks. The also try to stop contraband, illegal money transfers, and more.


Securus Technologies is a very popular inmate calling network chosen 10 to 1, over other leading competitors like IC Solutions. Their technology has been able to help them surveillance other companies as an inmate communications regulator and they found a few inaccuracies during an audit with Global Tel-Link.  Talk more and spend less with inmate calls with a reliable network, let Securus Technologies work for you.


Popular Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


Inmates have a personalized access system that allows them to receive messages at any time. This gives the freedom of independence to transition for life outside of a correctional facility.


Remote Visitation


You can visit the ones you love in a correctional facility over the holidays including Christmas over the internet, face-to-face. For a flat fee, you can now get video visitation over a high definition video with complete control over the sound.


Become a part of the reliable Securus Technologies network by visiting their secure easy to read and navigate website.


Igor Cornelsen Explains How Brazilians Can Invest In Different Stocks

The economy crisis of 2014 affected most banks in Brazil. However, despite many banks making losses, two leading private banks in Brazil, Banco Bradesco (BBD) and Itau Unibanco (IUTB), increased their market shares by one third. In addition, the two institutions experienced an increase in profits. Itau Unibanco’s revenues rose by 36 percent while Bradesco’s profitability margin improved by 28 percent from the previous year. Explaining why the two private banks survived the storm, Igor Cornelsen said that they had segmented their target market. Notably, Brazilian banks, especially those that are in the private sector, lend to credited borrowers. To this end, people are forced to borrow from other banks. This way, small investors engage in cash based spending while others forego their business plans, which in turn affects the macro-economy and the development of Brazil on

Igor suggested that the Brazilian government should implement more market-oriented reforms to make investors feel secure. Igor posited that investors who are considering purchasing Brazilian stocks should seek the services of renowned banks, including Banco Itau, Bradesco, Banco J Safra, Santander, Caixa Economica Federal, HSBC, Banco do Brasil, Banrisul and BTG Pactual. Igor asserted that people should to pay attention to the Chinese economy. This is because China is the largest trading partner of Brazil. Igor Cornelsen said that a stronger Chinese economy would mean better prices for Brazilian raw materials. Considering that China is the biggest rival for Brazil’s industrialized products, it is wise to focus on its trading partners to get a clear view of the available investment options at

Igor Cornelsen is an investment expert. He is highly knowledgeable on the various avenues of investment. The shrewd professional is the proprietor of Bainbridge Investment Company. Previously, he held several top positions in different Brazilian Banks until 2010 when he retired. Due to his extensive experience and knowledge of the Brazilian investment market, Igor is well placed to advice investors on the existing investment options on He urges people to investing in the damaged stocks of distressed companies. An investor can buy such stocks cheaply. After a while, they can be able to fetch higher returns because of the increased value of such shares in the stock market.

Arthur Becker – Business Visionary and Potential Investor in Real Estate

Inside New York, there are extraordinary spots that any potential financial specialist will concentrate on and Arthur Becker is one of the great business visionaries you can’t overlook. Subsequent to initiating his career journey with technology, later Arthur joined the real estate sector with noteworthy game plans for interest in New York on Sullivan Street.

Arthur has taken possession in the townhomes as a component of shares exchange, and he will utilize the townhomes as his first essential rentals. It is to a great degree to review that any investment property does well within New York, and any medium space in the region will attract investments of bigger projects. It is the same case with Arthur who has been holding the unprecedented properties due to their strategic due to their strategic positions and glory.

The district at Sullivan Street lies inside Soho, and is a region a portion of the City’s potential individuals would anticipate spending their lives in. All the more, the place next to Sullivan Street is an astounding neighborhood, and furthermore a place where dominant part of individuals within the city continue going by. Any individual trying to live within the great neighborhoods in America should ensure they have inquired about what Arthur presents. With that, they will carry out their townhomes research applying modern and correct information.

About augmenting, Arthur may choose to work on his properties with mind that every property has an insurance of growth in business. With his three properties giving him with rent, he has the cash to go on with development. Arthur is profoundly turning into another real estate goliath from the City. In the sector, he is the man to watch. Anybody who looks forward to involve in real estate particularly within New York, will discover the vocation of Arthur Becker intriguing, says Before, Arthur served as the chairman and CEO of various companies.

Arthur is a tech investor and proudly possesses three adjacent townhouses along Sullivan Street, Soho after exchanging for his stake within the neighboring condominium development. He has the plan of living in one and lease the other two properties or even sell them.

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How Betsy DeVos Brought Reform to Michigan Schools

Schools have changed and so has the educational system. I question whether or not our country has failed our families, and why we have not been able to raise the bar on our educational system. I have been reading for some time how the educational system is broken, and having close friends that are teachers, I’ve heard a lot about how things have changed since we were in grade school and even in high school. Are students getting their needs met? What about their opportunities? It seems to me that students that have special needs, or even those who are advanced and need a better opportunity should be able to go where they want and need to go regardless of where they live. This is why I believe that reform will come. Betsy DeVos has the experience and the knowledge to bring forth radical change within our educational system, and she knows the type of funding that it will take to make it happen.

Having been a big part of the educational system in the state of Michigan, Betsy fostered new and better opportunities for the schools in West Michigan where she was born and raised. I was pleased to hear about her role in the Foundation for Excellence in Education, and it came as no surprise that her husband has also been a huge encouragement and supporter of her endeavors. This foundation that she has been a big part of was put into place to bring solid mentors to those children that needed some guidance and instruction. I would encourage her and vote for a program like this to continue and to be available to all students across the country. It is obvious that not every child has an opportunity like this, nor is every child the recipient of a good home life. Check this related article from

I believe that our children need the absolute best education that the world can offer, and having said that, I know that other countries are far above where we are with our education system. I am not surprised that students from Asia are more advanced in math and science because our students are not being challenged nearly enough. High-risk students need the mentorship as well as the opportunity to get the same education as those students that are not considered high-risk.

I’m proud to say that Betsy is our Secretary of Education, and that she boldly fights for our education system to improve. Her service in leadership roles for the Republican Party made her a great choice for the Republicans in this election, and it’s exciting to see how she will go about getting the system reformed on behalf of students everywhere.

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Mike Baur Starting a Company

There are a lot of people today who want to start a business. With all of the changes that have taken place, Mike Baur is someone who is ready to help them. He runs the Swiss Start Up Factory, which is a way for people to learn how to start a company. Starting a company requires someone to take on a lot of responsibility. Over the years, he has proven to truly care about clients in a variety of ways. Not only will he risk his own money to help, but he has a track record of success in starting companies within his business industry. Mike Baur is the perfect example of the impact that a single person can make on small business owners. He is excited about the future growth of his business and the impact they are expected to make.


Mike Baur


From the time he started out in business, Mike Baur has been the type of person to always try to do something new. This is one of the reasons why his companies are typically successful. He is always there to drive value in any way that he can. One of the most successful companies he has is based on health food and products. This is a growing area of the market, and this is especially true in certain areas of the country. Mike Baur has always been willing to get to the next level in business by trying out new things.


Financing Your Business


If you want to grow your business, financing is one of the best ways to do that quickly. A lot of new business owners are worried about what the future will hold in the economy. If you are a small business owner and have a big idea, financing may be a great way to accomplish it. However, you need to make sure you understand all of the changes that are taking place in business. Before you go out and borrow a lot of money, you need to understand the impact that his will have on your finances. A lot of people today like to go to Mike Baur for advice in his start up factory. He can walk you through the financial implications of borrowing that much money. Over time, he has proven to truly care about his customers and he wants to make sure they understand how to grow their business successfully.


WEN By Chaz Makes Hair Care A Breeze With Thoughtful Gentle Formulas

Hollywood celebrity stylist Chaz Dean is a passionate man, one who cares deeply about the hair care products women use today. He has dramatically changed the way we all care for our locks, because he bravely told the world the truth about store bought shampoos and conditioners.

The hair care products at drug stores and high-end boutiques continue to harbor a dirty, little secret. Most of these formulas contain big, bad sulfates and other chemicals which strip the hair and weaken strands. The WEN By Chaz system does the opposite, using incredible formulas derived from nature that gently soothe the hair with zero chemicals.

Chaz Dean’s no lather shampoos could be considered the original no poo method. His unique cleansing conditioners have been developed to add body and gloss to hair of any type and texture. The brand even makes these special blends for children, like the WEN Kids Watermelon cleansing conditioner. Of course, it smells divine and offers a healthy formula, even for kids who suffer from common allergies.

Women have been incorrectly taught for years that big lathers equal big, healthy hair. His innovative approach to hair care began in 1993, when he launched the Wen hair no lather shampoo brand. His line is so gentle and effective, that Chaz Dean has not used a lather shampoo on himself or his loyal clientele for 23 years now and counting. Read more:

When you purchase a bottle of WEN By Chaz, his cleansing conditioner has a multi purpose. It acts as a great shampoo, conditioner, de-tangler, deep conditioner and leave-in conditioner. It’s economical, healthy and smells amazing.

For more product information, check out the WEN hair pages on Twitter and on Facebook.


Emergence of “Beyond The Darkness” TV Show

On 19th December 2016, Norman Pattiz, founder and executive chairman of Podcast one, through PRNewswire announced that Podcast One would be airing a new show, Beyond the Darkness. This would be the newest show on Chris Jericho’s, the WWE star, podcast network. The show would feature chats with the world’s most renowned researchers questioning everything you know.

The podcast was expected to be hosted by author and radio host Dave Shrader and fellow radio host and producer Tin Dennis. Episodes would be released every Monday on three avenues:, the Podcast One App and on iTunes. Chris Jericho was described by Mr. Pattiz as a jewel to Podcast One as he would be the person to deliver the world into paranormal with the introduction of “Beyond the Darkness”. Chris, on the other hand, expressed his delight in a rather unusual way, saying he was shocked and a little creeped out to host the show. Chris also showered the two hosts Dave and Tim as exceptional paranormal broadcasters. He expected “Beyond the Darkness” show to grow in Jericho’s Podcast network.


About Norman Pattiz


He founded and chairs Podcast One and Westwood One, America’s most successful radio network. Westwood One distributed NFL football, NCAA Basketball, Super Bown, CNN radio, Mutual Broadcasting System, CBS News and NBC radio networks. Pattiz was termed as “key to money making media” in a four-page feature in the May 2016 Forbes Magazine. He boasts to be America’s largest distributor of news, entertainment, sports and traffic. Mr. Norman Pattiz created and initialized Courtsid Entertainment Group and the Podcast One sales group.


Throughout the years, Pattiz has moved from one achievement to another. In 2000, he was appointed by the then president, Clinton, to serve in the Broadcasting Board of Governors, which was in charge of all non-military broadcasting. Two years later, he was reappointed by President George Bush. Patttiz has also served as a Regent in the University of California. He was also the chairman of Lawrence Livermore and Los Almas National Security. In 2009, he was induced into the National Radio Hall of fame and received the award for Giants of Broadcasting. In 2010, Norman founded the Courtside Entertainment Group to distribute quality programming to America.

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